Augur Marketing brings you customers with highly targeted campaigns.


Focus:  Get You New Clients and Sales


Augur Marketing was founded in 2009 and is based in Washington, DC and specializes in marketing campaigns. Augur is different because we focus on new client and sales development.  




We provide clients with the most effective combination of website development , search engine optimization (SEO) , social media, online paid ads (SEM), and video production. We offer local services in the Washington, DC area including McLean and Arlington as well as nationwide.


Multi-Channel Campaigns


Multi-channel campaigns have a 20% higher retention rate.

Augur excels at managing multi-channel campaigns which include social media, video, promotional events and ion rate than single method campaigns.




We always improve client search results including as an example the top position for local, medical internist Dr. Shore Armani as well as scores of relevant listings online and in doctor directories.


Video Production


Did you know that video used properly can increase sales by up to 85%? We will produce compelling videos for each of your products and services to boost customer conversion to sales.


Social Media Advertising


Augur understands contemporary online marketing.  We recently ran an advertisement for Industrial Supply Wholesale (ISW) which converted 400 new customers to the website in one day.


We developed the Facebook page for Moyer Motorcar and ran advertisements which reached 97,000 locals interested in luxury vehicles.  The page has attracted hundreds of new clients over the past year.

 "...included an effective search engine optimization package that brings a large number of new customers to my business."


"...creates beautiful and informative websites and advises his clients on every aspect of growing and marketing their businesses."


"...focus on clients and the brand are in sync with today's demands in and for the media industry, social entrepreneurs, and private organizations."


"...creates and developed strategic marketing plans that are priceless."


"...always thinking 10 steps ahead.